The Animals of Penny Wood

Click on the first image for a full-sized, gallery view of the comic.
Written by Colin O’ Mahoney, artwork by Coireall Carroll Kent.


I always love seeing behind-the-scenes, and ‘making of’ material, so I thought I would show some of Coireall’s process for making the comic. Made easier by the wonderful infograph pages they made:

I had worked with Coireall before, and it’s always been a great, and enjoyable process. I love their work, and have been watching it improve for a few years, so when I started making short comics they were one of the first people I approached.

They were, as ever, a joy to work with, and added so much to the story in the making of it. I think the colouring in particular deserves a mention – what they managed is just extraordinary, moving from folksy and cute, to sinister, to downright terrifying in the final panels. I honestly think Coireall took what was a decent story and made it far more than that – the texture, atmosphere, and life they brought to the page didn’t just add to the story, it magnifies it.