Click on the first image for a full-sized, gallery view of the comic.
Written by Colin O’ Mahoney, artwork by Fiona Boniwell.

I regularly teach workshops with Fiona, I have lettered and edited for her, and I’ve known her for years, but until now I have never had her illustrate a story I’ve written. When she said yes to this project, I was really excited to finally have the chance to tell a story with her, and if you have seen the story you will understand why I was so excited. It’s extraordinary – nothing short of professional level sequential artwork, enhanced by scenes bursting with life. Her art has a sharp grasp of the tone, and how to enhance it through colour and detail, without ever cluttering the page. It’s perfect, and elevates the story far beyond what I ever expected
You can see more of Fiona’s work on her own site, including her brilliant graphic novel ‘Death’s New Lease on Life’.